Audi-Werks Clients and Testimonials

"Hi Roland
I found the problem! The hose from PCV valve that snakes down under the intake manifold was pushing down on a wire harness and did cut one of the wires to Fuel injector 1. Am shocked the car even started last week. I fixed the cut wire and covered, re-assembled intake and other (I can do this in my sleep now! LOL) after I had cleaned all injectors last week (via a Strange concoction that I discovered on Youtube); the car started and purred like a kitten!!! I will keep an eye on leaks and engine vitals in the next few days. Will follow up for sure either way.

Finally for now, let me state the facts that you are an affable professional who deserves all the accolades; you were correct to focus on Injector power first. Thanks for keeping the comms open too. Having said so, 2 months ago I didn't know what an exhaust valve looked like, however thanks to positive collaboration from individuals of your caliber, I was able to accomplish the impossible. You stand out above and beyond all other SMEs I spoke with. Keep it up!"
-Gilles Giovanni