Audi-Werks Clients and Testimonials

"Hi Roland
I found the problem! The hose from PCV valve that snakes down under the intake manifold was pushing down on a wire harness and did cut one of the wires to Fuel injector 1. Am shocked the car even started last week. I fixed the cut wire and covered, re-assembled intake and other (I can do this in my sleep now! LOL) after I had cleaned all injectors last week (via a Strange concoction that I discovered on Youtube); the car started and purred like a kitten!!! I will keep an eye on leaks and engine vitals in the next few days. Will follow up for sure either way.

Finally for now, let me state the facts that you are an affable professional who deserves all the accolades; you were correct to focus on Injector power first. Thanks for keeping the comms open too. Having said so, 2 months ago I didn't know what an exhaust valve looked like, however thanks to positive collaboration from individuals of your caliber, I was able to accomplish the impossible. You stand out above and beyond all other SMEs I spoke with. Keep it up!"
-Gilles Giovanni

"I was having trouble with a service warning light and my regular mechanics could not figure out what it was. They recommended I go Roland at Audi Werks. I went to see him any diagnose the problem within 5 minutes knew exactly what it was and fixed it for an extremely reasonable cost. I knew I was in great hands at that moment and would never go to another mechanic. In the past year or so I've had minor issues which role in has helped me out with expertly. My wife was having an issue with her car having a shake issue which her mechanic could not figure out once again we brought it to Roland and he fixed it. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone."
-Jay Sadowski

"Roland has always been courteous, prompt and reliable with his service. He has never overcharged us for parts or service and is very accommodating to our schedules. I’ve only felt confident with Roland to service/repair my Audi, as I know it would be done right!"
-Hanna Vescovi

"I’ve been now a customer of Audiwerks for a year & 1/2. I was previously taken advantage of by other mechanics and was lead to this shop called Audiwerks, Roland is always welcoming and I’m always satisfied. He’s an honest person, and wants to do the job right and he’s very thorough. Because of the great service I am considering upgrading to a Audi Q5 and I’ll be continuing to visit him. Thanks Roland!!"
-Tatiana Rivera

"Roland, First of all I would like to thank you for your level of knowledge about Audi cars.... You took my 2001 S4 Avant into Audi Werks this past December to fix a lagging oil leak. leaking turbos I was told by three different Audi dealerships. The fix as explained to me by the certified mechanics was to drop the engine and replace the turbos... estimated cost of repair was about the value of the car... Your diagnose as a blocked T fitting and leaking valve cover gaskets..... oil leaks fixed without dropping the engine...
When I picked up the car you spent a 1/2 hour showing me the old parts and then putting the car on the lift and pointing out the new parts...
With you as a Audi specialist, I plan on driving my car for another decade."
–Brad Sellew

"Good afternoon! As a customer of Audiwerks I’d like to thank you for your business. My customers are the heart of my business. I hope my passion for the brands I service and my customer comes through with every repair, interaction and visit to the shop.
If you have had a good experience at Audiwerks, I am asking if you can reply to this email with a service testimonial about your experience and I will add it to my website. This helps my future customers understand the value of what they will receive by reading my current customers experiences. This opens the doors for them to give the shop a try!
As always thank you for your business and support and I look forward to servicing your cars for many years to come."
–James Huston

"My friends have been using Roland and Audi-Werks for years. I wished I had followed in their footsteps. After a local Audi repair shop didn’t stand behind their service and I had wasted $1500 on window regulator repair I decided to use Audiwerks for all my service. Their rates were more reasonable and the quality of the service was top notch. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for future repairs."
-Steven Toplitz, Amherst, MA

"We all know how hard it is to find a friendly, honest, customer focused shop. Roland took the time to explain to me the work he was doing and saved me a substantial amount of money using his knowledge and experience. No one else will ever work on my Audi again."
-Timothy St John

"I’m very pleased with my service experience at your shop over my last few repair appointments. For a customer like me who wishes to understand what is to be done, and what was done on my vehicles, I appreciate your extra time spent on the explanation. Work was done correctly at a fair price. I’ll be back! Thanks"
-Clement DeLiso, Jr.